Intox General Group Guidelines

Administrative Considerations

Joining or Leaving the Discussion Group

To have your e-mail address added to, or removed from, the group's distribution list please contact Joanna Tempowski at

Sending Messages

To send a message to the group, address it to All group participants will receive copies of your message in their regular e-mail mailboxes. Remember that if you use the 'reply' button on a message from INTOX-General your reply will go to all members of the discussion group. This is often a good thing: the information you are sending may be of interest to many members of the group. If, however, you only want your reply to go to the sender then you must manually change the reply address to the individual's e-mail address.

Receiving Messages

You will receive copies of all messages sent to the group by other participants. These messages will arrive in your regular e-mail mailbox. You will be able to identify them as originating from the list because they will be addressed to

Message Archives

All messages sent to the discussion group will be archived for viewing on the web. The archives are accessible by username and password. If you do not have a username and password for the INTOX-general archive then please contact the INTOX team at


Most messages are posted in English, however, the INTOX-General mail group includes a reasonable number of French speakers so you may use this language if you prefer.

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Technical Considerations

Plain Text

Please send messages in ASCII or "plain text" format. Discussion group participants use a variety of computers and e-mail software, some of which may not be able to read messages that contain HTML, fonts, colours and other formatting.

Identifying Yourself

At a minimum, please add your name, affiliation, geographical location and e-mail address at the end of messages you send to the list. Your e-mail address alone may not identify you clearly, and may not be visible to some message recipients. Most e-mail software packages allow you to create "signature files" for this very purpose.

File Attachments

File attachments can no longer be accepted by INTOX-General. Email attachments are the most common method of distributing viruses. The INTOX team wants to be sure that this mailing list is not used by spammers or virus writers to distribute viruses. We continue to work to improve this service.

No Confirm Reading or Confirm Delivery

If you use Pegasus Mail, Microsoft Outlook or another e-mail software package with Confirm Reading and/or Confirm Delivery options, please ensure that they are switched off when you send a message to INTOX-General. Otherwise, a number of Confirm Reading and/or Confirm Delivery messages may be sent to all list members.

If You Are Going to be Away

If you are going to be away from your e-mail for a period of time, and if your e-mail software has an 'out of office' function (i.e. the ability to automatically generate messages to the effect of "I'm going to be out of the office until such and such a date"), please ask to have your e-mail address removed from INTOX-General's distribution list temporarily, by contacting the INTOX team at Otherwise, other INTOX-General participants may receive multiple copies of your "I'm going to be out of the office" message.