Exchange information through the INTOX global network

The IPCS INTOX Programme provides a forum for collaboration between experts and those responding to emergencies concerning toxic exposures.

Being part of this expanding global network is an important benefit for its participants

  • Seek and instantly receive information and advice from experts on specific emergencies
  • Engage in dialogue with counterparts from around the world
  • Provide expertise to others
  • Exchange information by e-mail and through annual meetings
  • Request and receive advice on treatment and antidotes
  • Identify and consult with experts before making important decisions

There are a number of IPCS INTOX e-mail-based discussion groups, or "mailing lists". These were created to provide a facility for the exchange of ideas and information among those involved in the IPCS INTOX programme. The mail lists are hosted by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. The mail lists are "closed" discussion groups. The "closed" discussion groups are limited to the members of that particular INTOX group.

The following are the INTOX Mail Lists:

Intox General

Intox Technical Support

Intox Users

Intox PC Training Manual

Pesticide Advisory

Pesticide Project

Pesticide SEARO

Pesticide PSIM

Pesticide Publications