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Overview of Combining Search Terms

You can combine search terms using Verity Query Language operators to broaden, narrow or refine your searches.

Examples of Combining Search Terms

Click on a search term to find a more detailed explanation.

Search Term Finds Documents That Contain·
prevention OR control OR management
At least one of the words.
Any of the words. The more search terms that are present in the document, the higher the ranking.
labor OR labour
Either the US or the UK spelling of labor.
human AND effects AND acute
All of the words.
human NOT animal
The word human but not the word animal.
evaluation <NEAR> risk
The word evaluation close to the word risk.
evaluation <NEAR/10> risk
The word evaluation within a 10 word range of risk.
effect <SENTENCE> environment
The word effect in the same sentence as the word environment.
effect <PARAGRAPH> human
The word effect in the same paragraph as the word human.


Most Verity Query Language operators and modifiers must be enclosed within angle brackets (< >) to distinguish them from the actual query term. The words AND, OR, and NOT are always treated as Verity Query Language operators unless they are enclosed within double quotation marks.

For example:

For executing more complex searches, see Combining Operators.

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