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Searching With Words

The simplest search is a single word that you think appears in the document you are looking for. If the term is unusual or unique, you will be more likely to find that specific document.

Stemmed Words

When you submit a single word query, the Verity search engine finds documents that not only match the term you entered, but also stemmed variations of the term. For example, if you enter the following query, the Verity search engine finds not only documents that contain the word poison, but also documents that contain poisoned, poisons, and poisonous.

Exact Word

You can always restrict the search to the term itself by enclosing it in double quotation marks. For example, the following query finds documents that match only the word poisonous:

Multiple Words

Verity allows you to search for a sequence of search terms separated by commas. Verity finds documents that match any terms in the query. The Verity search engine calculates the number of times that the terms appear in the document. The more instances found, the higher the document appears in the results list. For example:

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