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Overview of Simple Searches

Simple searches are queries that consist of a single word or phrase.

Examples of Simple Searches

Click on a search term to find a more detailed explanation.

Search Term
Finds Documents That Contain·
The string poison and stemmed variations, such as poisons, poisoned, and poisonous.
The word poisonous only.
Any of these words. The more search terms that are present, the higher the ranking.
The strings H&S, H & S, and H S (always enclose words like H&S in double quotation marks).
The exact chemical substance 1,1,1,-trichloroethane (always use quotation marks).
"1 mg/litre"
The strings 1 mg/litre and 1 mg / litre (always enclose words like 1 mg/litre in double quotation marks).
The string WHO in upper case.
<TYPO> receive
Either the word receive or the word recieve.
<TYPO> behavior
Either the US spelling behavior or the UK spelling behaviour
elimination of radioactive
The phrase elimination of radioactive.
Words beginning with the string trichloro.
Words beginning with a and ending with sorption with any one characters in between, for example, absorption and adsorption.


Most Verity Query Language operators and modifiers must be enclosed within angle brackets (< >) to distinguish them from the actual query term. The words AND , OR , and NOT are always treated as Verity Query Language operators unless they are enclosed within double quotation marks.

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