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Tools for Searching

The Verity search engine provides the following tools to help you find what you are looking for:

shots/sea90000.gif   From the INTOX Home page, you can: shots/sea90000.gif   Search forms to enter a term/string that the documents must match.

shots/sea90000.gif   Verity Query Language operators to broaden or narrow your search. See the Quick Reference Card to Verity.

shots/sea90000.gif   Search pages list the available collections which can be searched. You have the flexibility to search an individual collection, all collections or multiple collections.

To search multiple collections:

Click the Search button and click Search All or Multiple Collections. The following search page allows you to search several collections at the same time. If you don't click a collection, you automatically search "All Collections" (default).

shots/sea90000.gif The results page which gives the number of documents found and a listing of the matching documents. The documents are ranked with the most relevant documents presented at the top of the list (as illustrated).


Next to the document name, the type of document is given in brackets. For example, "EHC" indicates this document is an Environmental Health Criteria Monograph.

shots/sea90000.gif  Within the open document, search hits are highlighted in red to help you easily identify and locate the search hits in the documents retrieved.


To quickly find your search hit or a string of characters within an open document:

- Click the Edit menu and Find (on This Page) or press Ctrl+F.
- Enter the characters to be found, e.g. "acute" and click Find Next.

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