Quick Reference Card for Searching

Verity automatically ranks the results using Relevance Ranking so most relevant documents are listed first.

shots/home.jpg Tip    To quickly find your search hit or a string of characters within an open document:
            - Click the Edit menu and Find (on This Page) or press Ctrl+F.
            - Enter the characters to be found, e.g. "acute" and click Find Next.

Search Using


Finds all documents with:

(enter words all in lower/upper case to find all versions of the word; mixed case is case-sensitive)




  • all word forms, i.e. poison, poisoned, poisons, poisonous, poisoning

  • the word poisonous only

  • Monograph only

Wildcard (*)



  • words beginning with trichloro, e.g. 1,1,1-trichloroethane, trichoroethylene

  • words ending with flammable, i.e. inflammable, non-flammable

Chemical Name


  • 1,1,1-trichloroethane
Single Character Wildcard



  • woman and women

  • centre and center

(any string of characters separated by spaces)

prevention programmes

"prevention programmes"

prevention "and" control

  • all the words prevention and programmes, and all forms of the words

  • the exact phrase prevention programmes

  • the phrase prevention and control

with punctuation

(apostrophy ( ' ),
hyphen ( - ), or periods(.)

"patient s mouth"

"self poisoning"


  • patient's mouth

  • self-poisoning

  • 12.5

AND Operator

nausea AND rash

  • both nausea and rash

NOT Operator

rash NOT nausea

  • rash but not nausea

OR Operator

rash OR headache

prevention OR control

  • either rash or headache

  • either prevention or control

Multiple Words
(separate with commas)


  • any of these words (the more search terms that are present in the document, the higher the ranking)

NEAR nausea <NEAR> severe

  • these words near each other (the closer the words are in the document, the higher the ranking)

NEAR/N nausea <NEAR/10> severe

  • the words within 10 words of each other (where N is up to 1000)

Words in the same paragraph nausea <PARAGRAPH> rash
  • these words in the same paragraph
Words in the same sentence nausea <SENTENCE> rash
  • these words in the same sentence
Typos & US/UK spelling <TYPO> center
  • words with up to 2 character typos
  • words either in US or UK English

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